oh my god

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I’m wet, I’m all wet… (x)

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TBT: Ellen & Bey at the Grammys: JUSTIN TIMBERLAKEEEEE!!!

Ellen: {To Justin} I got to, with Beyonce introduce you [at the grammys] [Beyonce] was like "can we rehearse this" so I start messing with her backstage.. I said you go JUS-TIN [high pitched voice] and I’ll go JUS-TIN [low pitched voice] and you go TIM-BER [high pitched voice] and I go TIM-BER-LAKE [low pitched voice] so that’s why she looked at me, she thought I was serious and she goes “JUS-TIN TIM-BER-LAKE” so she was tryna’ do it. That’s why she did it because I told her we were gonna do a harmony. Then I didn’t do it. [x]

I’m crying!! Aww tricked queen bey! ):


wake up open the curtains


take a shower then dry my hair


come down stairs ready for breakfast


greet the mailman


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Beyoncé talking about  Popeyes.


when your mom got that phone call from school

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I’d just like to give honor to this young lady for changing the game. You need to recognize that she inspired Elmo to perform this song and dance. ELMO! Elmo is like the elementary school student’s Beyoncé!

Why do they give you a biography on black folk acting nutty on the evening news, but I don’t know this little girl’s name? Everybody knows this Vine, recreates this Vine, and/or mixes it into a trap beat. Someone needs to give this girl a trophy. Pay for her dance classes. Give her tickets to The Carter tour! KNOW HER! SHE IS LEGENDARY!

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you know what’s cool

when you’re so used to a certain person’s voice that you can imagine them saying anything even if the person has never said that before

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Beyoncé | Drunk In Love (ft. Jay Z)

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Graeme Manson & John Fawcett [the creators of Orphan Black] demonstrate how Tatiana physically prepares for each character.

"If you get the chance, ask her, what would you physically do to prepare for these characters? It’s hilarious watching her off in the corner.”- John

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Pretty hurts. We shine a light on whatever’s worst. Perfection is a disease of a nation. It’s the soul that needs a surgery.

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